Mentorship - Your Feminine Flow

An 8 week 1:1 online container for connecting with your feminine cycles


This is for the woman longing for the part of herself that is sacred, feminine, cyclical, ever-flowing and in tune with nature. She who craves something to support her female physiology, her menstrual cycle, emotions and spirit, and to be more connected to her inner wisdom and knowing. 

This mentorship is a space for you to undergo the sacred transformation of coming back to you true feminine essence.


Through connecting to your inner seasons, we journey back to the part of you that is wild and untouched, the part of you that is nature.


The way most of us lead our lives, we become ripped from ourselves without even knowing that we are.


Until that nagging pit in the stomach makes you feel like something is not right. There is something missing. In truth, our natural Wildness never left us. There is nothing to find, but a lot to unlearn and uncover.

In this 8 week mentoring program you will learn cyclical self care, nourishing yourself through the different phases of your cycle, feminine movement practices and soothing rituals for deep rest. 

Have you been curious about the ebbs and flows you experience in your cycle every month?


Maybe you have always seen your period as bothersome, and are just now starting to feel like there might be something more to it?

The "Your Feminine Flow" mentorship is for the woman who is longing to get more in touch with the magic that is your feminine wisdom.


If you are feeling called to a way of life that is supportive of your female body, emotions and spirit, connected to your feminine gifts such as intuition, dreams and inner knowing, this journey is for you.

What will you get?

In our eight weeks together we will dive into everything about the female body and how She works, and how this affects you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You will learn how to eat and care for your body from a cyclical perspective, and how to get the most out of each phase of the cycle and stand fiercely in your power.


You will learn ancient feminine practices to connect back with yourself and your inner magic through menstrual cycle journaling, dream journaling, sacred movement, herbal walks and  much, much more.

Week 1: Introduction to the feminine cycles

(90 minutes)

Week 2: The different phases of the menstrual cycle and how to work with them.

(60 minutes)

Week 3: Sacred rest and soothing practices. How is your nervous sysem doing, and why is this important?

(60 minutes)

Week 4: Eating with the moon. How to support your body throughout the cycle.

(60 minutes)

Week 5: Integration and self practice.

(however long you wish)

Week 6: Feminine movement practices and meditations, working especially with  the Womb and Heart space.

(60 minutes)

Week 7: Integration and self practice.

(however long you wish)

Week 8: Continuing the journey and how to stay connected. Ceremony.

(60 minutes)

Investment: 4500 NOK 

Payment plans are available.

Are you feeling the call? Reach out via the contact form or email to sign up or for any questions.  

With all my love, 


About me

I am a dietitian and yoga teacher living in the countryside about an hour outside of Oslo, Norway. My journey with reconnecting to my feminine wisdom and understanding the menstrual cycle started in 2017, two years after coming off of hormonal birth control.

I was experiencing excruciating period pain on a monthly basis, and feeling a deep sense of disconnect from a part of me that I couldn't name at the time. My yoga practice, that had been the way I connected to myself and my body on a daily basis, was no longer accessible to me in the way it had been while I was on the pill. With heavy bleeding, PMS, low energy and cramps dominating the majority of my cycle, I realised I needed something else. 

I started researching more feminine practices, and a year later I began teaching my signature class "Feminine Flow". This was the doorway for me to a world of ancestral wisdom, understanding and using my intuition, balancing hormones and healing my cycle, dream weaving, and in essence caring for and nourishing my essence in a way I had never experienced before.

Being a woman is nothing short of magic. In a society that makes neglecting our feminine selves the norm rather than the exception, my passion is to hold space for women as they find their way back to this ancient, infinite part of themselves.


I wholeheartedly believe that this is the medicine the world so desperately needs today.