"The ancient Taoists called the breasts "Bells of Love."

Breasts are the gateways to the heart center and female orgasm.

Feel your breasts from within. Ring your bells!"

- Minke de Vos, Tao Tantric Arts for Women

Breast massage is a beautiful way to practice self love. As women, we often tend to be givers of our energy, time and attention. When we massage the breasts, we replenish the heart and give loving attention back to ourselves.

The breasts are connected to the heart center, right between our breasts. Connecting with the heart is also a way to deepen our embodiment, and feel deeply into ourselves. Is there tension stored in the tissues? Tenderness? Feelings of sorrow and grief? Maybe joy and pleasure? Explore what is there and allow yourself to feel.

Breast massage also prepares the yoni for receiving, and our breasts are essential for cultivating female sexual energy. Through taking exquisite care of the breasts, we prevent stagnation of energy and emotions. This enhances our health, vitality and connection to ourselves.

Benefits of breast massage includes:

  • Balances hormones and increasing oxytocin, giving a greater sense of self-love and pleasure.

  • Opens the heart and melts away pain and shut-down in our ability to love both ourselves and others.

  • Increases our sensual sensitivity.

When massaging the breasts, touch yourself how you would want a lover to touch you. Bring love, sensitivity and awareness to the breasts through your hands. Add soft, slow breaths, and find your own rhythm. Use an oil like coconut, sesame, jojoba or almond, and massage on your bare skin. NB: No bra of course.

How to preform breast massage:

  1. I like to start by massaging the tissues around and between the breasts. Gently digging in between the ribs, going all the way up to the collarbones and even into the neck. This often brings up repressed and unfelt emotions, and in the beginning, maybe just this first step will be enough.

  2. Stroke down the outside and up the inside of the breasts in a circle 28 times. This clears negativity and blockages in the breasts.

  3. Turn the direction of the circles, stroking up on the outside and down on the inside of the breasts 28 times. This builds loving, buzzing, vital energy into the breasts.

  4. Hold your breasts lovingly for a minute. Maybe whisper loving words to yourself.

  5. Jiggle your breasts for 1 minute.

So Sisters, ring your bells! I would love to hear your experience with this.

With love, Hanna