Over the past weeks I have been asked multiple times about what type of training I have for feminine yoga, and where you can go for the same training I did. Which is awesome! I can't tell you how happy it makes me that more women want to learn about yoga and women's health, and I would love to be a resource on this.

To be honest, the style of yoga I teach is a result of several different trainings, years of education, more books than I can count and hours and hours of podcasts and research. I have written more about my trainings in the "About Me" section, so if you are interested in my exact trainings, check that out. Also see the book list in my last post for my favorite books on feminine wisdom.

However, the field of feminine yoga is growing rapidly. There are so many amazing trainings now, so I have made a list of teachers and trainings I would look into if you are interested in learning and teaching feminine yoga. Some I have done myself, others I want to do in the future.

200 hr Women's Self Care Training with High Vibe Yoga

If you have no previous yoga teacher trainings, this one is a great place to start. I am actually dying to do it myself! I trained with Emily Kuser last year in Stockholm, and she is amazing. In this training, she teaches a feminine style of yoga that can be practiced at any time of the month. It includes topics like sexuality, physicality, psychology and spirituality, pelvic care, the cyclical nature of women, feminine yoga nidra, and a wide variety of other self care practices that supports us as women. I mean, how juicy does this sound!! This training makes you eligible for the RYT200 Yoga Alliance (YA) Certification. You can read more here. The Women's Self Care Training is also available in 50 hr and 25 hr formats.

300 hr Advanced Yoga Training with High Vibe Yoga

As if the self-care training with Emily isn't enough, she has also created this.. The 300 hr training focuses on sex, death and wealth. It is open for both men and women. If you are already a seasoned yogi and/or teacher, this is a training I would look into. You do not need a 200 hr training to participate, however this is a prerequisite for the YA RYT500 certification. I can only imagine taking this one after the 200 hr self-care training! What a dream. Read more here.

300 hr Kaivalya Training with Jana Roemer and Sasha Bahador

I have not trained with either of these teachers myself, but it has been warmly recommended to me and I find the curriculum so intriguing. It is not specific on women's yoga, but touches on a variety of related subjects such as subtle body anatomy, yoga nidra, yin, ceremony, intuition, Sankalpa and the different layers of the mind. Jana is the queen of Nidra and astrology. I don't know when this training will be offered again, but keep an eye out here.

50 hr Refine Your Medicine Training with Kelsi Ludvigsen and Michelle Baker

If I weren't working full time, I would 1000 % be attending this training. Kelsi mentored me right after I conceived the idea of feminine flow, and this woman is my number one inspiration when it comes to teaching yoga and living life as a woman. She and Michelle Baker have alchemised their experiences and wisdom into this unique training, which is all about (re)connecting to YOUR feminine wisdom and tapping into the gifts you have to share with this world. This is not purely a yoga training, but a gathering of women holding space. If you can, do go to this one! And read more here.

40 hr Well Woman Yoga Therapy Training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Uma is a pioneer in the field of feminine yoga, and training with her is definitely something that is on my list. In her Well Woman Training, she teaches Womb Yoga. This style of yoga integrates the healing power of women’s circles, satsang, Nidra, mudra, mantra, bhakti and swara yoga with menstruality consciousness to create a potent feminist healing mode of complete yoga therapy. For more info, see here.

Also, Uma is teaching a Nidra training in Norway over the next year together with Oslo Yoga.

25 hr online Fertility Yoga Training with Bliss Baby Yoga

This was the first women's health training I did. My expectations were moderate, as I prefer training in person, but this course is such a great place to start! It is originally for women trying to conceive, and thus optimize fertility through yoga. I don't focus specifically on pregnancy in my teachings, but use the same principles of fertility and supporting our bodies. It touches on the different phases of a woman's cycle, how to practice at different times of the month, as well as how our physiology changes. It is a beautiful, accessible training that I would recommend warmly! Sign up here.

Golden Lotus Trainings with Eva Louise Williams

This is not a yoga training. Eva comes from the Taoist tradition, but teaches extensively on women's health, spirituality and sexuality. She is a dear friend of mine and pure magic, and I cannot recommend her enough. She has several different offers that you can read more about here.

These are my main suggestions, and I hope there will be something of value here for you if you are looking to start or continue your journey with feminine yoga.

Before I finish this post I also want to mention a few trainings I am doing myself here in Oslo this fall, to build on and expand on my Feminine Flow concept. This is just to show that as we grow and evolve as teachers, new topics and practices will peak our interest. The beauty of it is that when attending a training, we can pick what we like and leave the rest, when creating our own teachings. So, these are my plans for the next months:

25 hr Restorative + Nidra Intensive with Atman Yoga School

A massive part of the yoga classes I teach as about calming the nervous system down so that the body can start healing and come back to balance. Restorative yoga and Nidra are specific practices to do that, and I cannot wait to learn more. Nidra has been my go-to when being too tired to practice asana, and it aims to reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety, and tension as it deeply nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. Restorative yoga is ment to balance out the fast-paced life of modern society and the chronic over-use of technology, because it is through stillness and turning inward that we cultivate the keys to healing. I have no previous training in these types of yoga, and know it will be a perfect addition to my current tools in feminine yoga. Read more here.

12 hr YogAstrology Initiation Training with Tonje Naess

I love how the moon mirrors the feminine ebbs and flows, and that women used to bleed with the moon in ancient times. I like using astrology in my classes, since typically women aren't synced with each other any more. It creates a great framework for topic of the month as well, and is so rich! Being self taught is awesome, but I recon is has come to a point where I want know more. This training will be so much fun to weave into my current style of teachings. Check it out here.

Puh! That's all for now. Do you know of any great trainings I haven't mentioned? Holla at me, I would love to know! Big love,