Sweet Sister,

It has been a minute since I have posted on here. It is no secret that the past 1,5 year has been a difficult one. Two years ago I said I wanted something more. I didn't just want to work a 9-5 in a hospital, taking the most obvious path after finishing university. I hired a coach, and the tiny seed of my business was planted. And gosh, did life get ROUGH after that. As if life answered my prayers and said "you say you want this? Then you need to learn to hold space for it all. Let's get to it".

It was like a hurricane and an earthquake hit me at once. My husband got so ill just as I was about to finish my master thesis, he was hospitalized for several weeks, and we had to leave our home and get support from our families (thank Goddes for them). Needless to say, it took a real toll on me as well. A few months ago I was diagnosed with depression, and well, here we are. I am still learning how to hold up (or allowing myself to fall apart rather) and be okay in the midst of all this.

A few days ago I randomly revisited this website, and all the passion and love I have for these topics flooded back to me. And although I haven't been as active on social media, I have been teaching my Feminine Flow yoga class weekly for more than a year now. Sharing drops of wisdom about hormonal balance, intuition, self care, self love and the incredible power we, as women, carry within ourselves.

After coming back to my own words, a flame was ignited within me again, and I wanted to go even deeper with the work I do in Feminine Flow. It is different from all the yoga classes I have attended, so I would love to share with you the principles on which this practice is built on.

The Principles of Feminine Flow:

1. Self-Love

This practice focuses on lovingly accepting all of ourselves and our needs, no matter what that looks like. The shadows and the light. The parts we are at peace with and the parts we aren’t. We check in with ourselves and hold space for what is, practicing loving attention and sensitivity towards ourselves. Self-love is the foundation of taking care of ourselves, leading to the second principle of feminine flow:

2. Self-Care

Feminine Flow is YOUR practice. We slow down to feel into what we really need, and open up the space for you to do just that. You are encouraged to feel your emotions, and be honest with yourself. What do you really need? Through soothing the nervous system and promoting hormonal balance, we help bring the body back to homeostasis and health.

3. Heart-felt Desire

I believe that in order to be our happiest, healthiest, most vital and radiant selves, we need to be in touch with our deepest desires. What do you really want? What does life on your terms look like? I know that for me, and many of the women I have worked with, the life we truly want looks and feels a little different from the ones we lead today. Our desires, and especially how we desire to feel, creates a beautiful roadmap for how to create our lives. Ask yourself if the body feels contractive or expansive when faced with a choice. It knows!

4. Feminine Embodiment

Feminine Embodiment means to inhabit the body more fully. It is an invitation to move from the rational mind into the intuitive body, and explore and express what is already within us. Through lovingly connecting to the our core, in our mess and our glory, we learn to embody our truest version self. When we inhabit the body fully, we start to notice how the choices we make feels. Do they make you feel expansive, or create a sensation of contraction in your body? The body holds a well of information, and feminine embodiment teaches us to be increasingly sensitive to this inner guidance.

5. Feminine Empowerment

When we open up to the guidance of intuition, we start a process of becoming stronger and more confident in the ways we lead our lives. At the core of Feminine Flow, is finding the power to live our most authentic truth. When we tune in to that inner voice and start to listen to her, we lay the foundation to create life on our own terms. We take back the power to make our own decisions, speak our truth, act according to our values and beliefs, to stand strong for what we believe in, stay rooted in the knowing that we are worthy, and step into the fierce leaders of our lives that we all have the capacity to be. When embodying our most authentic self, we become empower to create the life our heart truly desire.

I have been in a process of making a Feminine Flow online program so that you all can practice from the comfort of your own homes. However, this is taking its time and I am not (yet) very tech savvy. In the mean time, you can practice with me at Joy Yoga Oslo Thursdays 20.15-21.15.

I hope to see you there.

With love,