The new moon energy represents the archetype of the Wise Woman. Coinciding with the time of menstruation and post-menopause, she is also known as the Elder, the Crone.

Of all the neglected aspects of femininity, the Wise Woman may be the most valuable archetype to embrace. She represents ageing, loss of fertility, external beauty and activity, which are all aspects of the feminine disregarded by the collective.

But she is the portal to our deepest powers, and who we are under the surface of youth and beauty. This is the time to fully reclaim ourselves, and who we are in our depths.

The Wise Woman asks you to slow down, and go inwards. If you refuse to pay attention, she may bring pain and exhaustion. This is the time when our bodies really asks us to listen, and any self-neglect from the previous cycle will show up.

This archetype represents the life/death/life cycle in all the different realms of our being.

Physically, we are releasing the life-giving blood of our wombs, or the cycle ceases at menopause.

Mentally, the creative cycle comes to an end.

Emotionally, she allows us to let go of the turbulent emotions represented by the Enchantress. She transmutes the wild, dark emotions into deep womb wisdom.

Spiritually, her presence may arrive with increased sensitivity, introspection, heightened psychic abilities, and a sense of passing through the veils.

Her gifts are received through consciously slowing down and listen to her whisper. She is old and wise, and requires our patience, but is worth the time.

When fully embodied, she takes us through the veils to the subtle realms of existence, and reveals to us our Soul Truth and the unlimited power of our feminine nature. Through her, we find our way to freedom.

Having embodying the lessons of the younger archetypes, she creates the perfect conditions for rebirth, and for us to continue a little wiser, a little lighter, and a little more ready into another cycle of creation.