The waning moon energy represents the archetype of the Enchantress. She is also called the Wild Woman, or Medicine Woman.

Coinciding with the pre-menstrual phase, this energy is dreaded by many. It can be a time for emotional rollercoasters and physical pains, that often bring out the darker, destructive aspects of our psyches.

There is a wildness to this archetype that is deeply necessary, because there is really no space for her medicine in today’s society. When she arrives, we don’t understand what is happening. We have neither the time nor the tools to welcome her healing. Rather than slowing down, we project our pain on the people around us, and/or become incredibly self-loathing during this time.

If we did take the time to make space for her, we would discover that the Enchantress is the inner healer that lives inside each of us. Every month, she offers us the pains and misalignments we tend to overlook, and she gives us a chance to look at the root cause of these challenges.

This is for many accompanied by increased emotional sensitivity, and what we label as PMS. This is a sign that we need to quiet down and listen inwards.

The Enchantress knows that we must reflect, accept, and integrate the experiences we pick up along the way, in order to keep moving forward. She knows the importance of speaking your truth and having fierce boundaries, and she also knows the healing powers of forgiveness and gratitude.

She offers you insight to what you need in order to heal, and this is the time when self care is a non-negotiable. And through this process, she will reveal to you your own medicine, and the healing powers you have to offer to the world.