The waxing moon energi represents the Maiden archetype. Coinciding with the follicular phase and childhood, she is also known as the Virgin.

And just to be clear, this has little to do with sexual status. The ancient meaning of a virgin, and what this archetype really represents, is a woman who is sovereign. She is not answering to a man, and not yet bound by the responsibilities of motherhood.

The Maiden is pure, authentic and uncorrupted by nature. Her high spirit and inspired energy is contagious, as her energy starts to redirect outwards after her time in winter.

Of all the feminine archetypes, she may be the one embodying her masculine qualities most openly. On a mission to bring forth the visions of menstruation, the Maiden is equipped with a sharp and intelligent mind, great abilities to plan, prioritise, be practical, organise and foresee what’s coming.

This is a time of magnetism, and for tuning in to which seeds you wish to water, which creative projects you wish to bring forth.

It is the time to take inspired action, and take advantage of the effortless Maiden energy to start bringing your Work into the world.

The Maiden stands strong in her power, knowing that her only competition is herself.

It is therefore an amazing time to celebrate the success of the women who inspire you!

Enjoy the ease and sense of connection that comes with this inner season, as you journey towards the peek of your cycle and the arrival of inner summer.