The full moon represents the Earth Mother archetype, also known as the Healer, or Lover. At her core, this archetype is the embodiment of the Earth Goddess herself. She is the mother of the world.

Inherent to this archetype are qualities of birthing and nurturing, whatever you are the Creatress of. It could be a child, a family, ideas or projects.

To the Earth Mother, care-taking is a sacred art, which includes inner strength and personal power, brilliance, artfulness and embodiment of ancient womb wisdom.

Sustaining and allowing are keywords for this phase. It is the time when your projects come into fruition, and you can finally see the result of your work from the previous phases. The visions of the Wise Woman, the intentions and the seeds of the Maiden, and even the reflection and criticism of the past cycle’s Enchantress, everything is alchemized in your Inner Summer.

A part of this phase is also letting go of control, and trusting that what is meant to be will be. Rather than fearing that you didn’t do enough, surrender and stay strong in your presence, attention and maintenance.

This includes your children, projects or whatever you are creating, your environment, and most importantly, yourself. Because essentially, your body is the Earth. Trust her and her powers.

Starting with our self, our care and love can create healthy, bone deep, ground shaking, glowing change in this world. You’ve got this. Trust in the work you’ve already put in, and let yourself enjoy.

Fear-based expressions of the archetype include over-controlling and over-mothering. This may kill our creations before they see the light of day and become self-sustained.

So surrender, Earth woman. Dance through the world you have created for yourself, and trust that it is exactly what you need.

Remember to slow down so that you can actually enjoy, and stay connected to the Mother above all mothers; Pachamama.